Nginx downloads a file instead of showing html

If its value does not match any server name, or the request does not contain this is mapped to the file /data/www/about.html , and the file is sent to the client.

2 Feb 2017 Hello. I've got a problem on downloading larger files. My OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS OwnCloud: 9.1.3 PHP: 7.0.13 mariadb: 15.1 nginx: 1.11.8 

11 Dec 2013 As we discussed earlier in Apache vs Nginx, when compared to Nginx, Apache For example, on Ubuntu you can install nginx using apt-get as shown below. root /usr/share/nginx/www; index index.php index.html index.htm; 15 rsync Command Examples · The Ultimate Wget Download Guide With 15 

Solution to PHP script at home page is downloaded instead of executed In this article will show two solutions. The second solution, edit your Nginx configuration file and add the script that handles the index.php file. Allowed HTML tags:

If you exceed this maximum, big file downloads may consume a lot of system memory From ownCloud version 10.0.4 on, a header will be sent to NGINX not to use (?:svg|gif|png|html|ttf|woff|ico|jpg|jpeg|map|json)$ { add_header Cache-Control htop will not show up additional load while processing, compared to the high 

Nginx downloads a file instead of going to index once you go to a folder server { listen 80; listen [::]:80; root /var/www/; index 

4 Sep 2017 Learn how to host a static website using a VM and NGINX! create a file called index.html with some “Coming soon” text as a placeholder. rarely, so there's no need to have users re-download the latest version. Instead, create a wildcard server block for it, routing to the folder that matches the name:

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